Me, myself and aïe, aïe, aïe.

We’ve received a year’s worth of bad news lately, and I’ve found that cooking/baking/photographing has been a bigger help than ever to deal with it. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

A cabbage salad, with Gene Parmesan thrown in for a boost of flavor and nutrition. I’m plotting to guest post the recipe over at prAna in a couple of weeks, so I’ll add the link here when it’s ready. Update: it is ready.

I’ve never met a cabbage I did not like. Except for those cabbage patch dolls, they’re creepy and taste funny too.

If you’re kind enough to steam a pound of Brussels sprouts for me, I’ll gobble it all up without salt or anything else added, but with as much gusto as if they were French fries. That’s right, I’m playing off Belgium against France. Place your bets. Je suis une patate: French fries aren’t French, they’re Belgian.

Dreena’s Super Charge Me Cookies

If I went back to 1999, turned into Kevin Smith and directed Dogma, Dreena would be my first pick to play God. (Although Alanis is pretty great, too.)

I had the assistance of a tall, goatee’d dude to pour the unsweetened almond milk on top of my granola. Because I suck at multitasking, and this poor table has suffered enough unfortunate spills ever since it moved in.

Apple Butter

I needed some to review a recipe from Natural Vegan Kitchen, and had the hardest time finding an affordable option. So I made my own. In your face, non-affordable options.

Hang in there, it’s almost Friday!

  • Tilia says:

    Hm, actually you’re playing of Belgium against Belgium, fries are a Belgian invention. :)

  • Rosa says:

    Lovely food! I love cabbage. At the moment I am gaga about Portuguese cabbage….

    Cooking/baking is very therapeutic! Sorry to hear about the bad news… I got some too lately.



    • Celine says:

      oh non pas toi aussi! désolée, Rosa.

      • Rosa says:

        Ma grand-mère anglaise est décédée…. Et mes parents toxiques me forcent à reprendre contact avec eux (j’ai coupé les ponts il y a 7ans). Tu vois, pas très joyeux tout ça. J’ai assez de problèmes sans ça. :-(

        • Celine says:

          toutes mes condoléances, Rosa. j’espère que si tu dois revoir tes parents, ça se passera le moins chaotiquement possible.

          • Rosa says:


            Je ne veux sourtout pas les revoir! Ils utilisent des mots et des moyens blessants et insultants. De vrais dictateurs. :-(



            • Celine says:

              ma pauvre! j’ose pas imaginer comment ça a dû être pour toi. si je pouvais, je te ferais profiter des miens de parents.

  • Hannah says:

    Sending you lots of love, Celine. This too shall pass. <3

  • I’m the same way about cabbage. It’s kind of a funny vegetable to have so much love for, but I like it that way.
    The cabbage salad is so pretty!

  • Sending lots of good thoughts your way, I hope your food therapy helps – it always makes things more bearable for me, that’s for sure.

    And Nina’s favorite food right now is Brussels sprouts – steamed for 7 minutes on the dot, then halved, tossed with some sunflower oil and quickly seared on the cast iron grill pan, then sprinkled with Himalayan salt. She eats them by the pound, that wacky girl.

    • Celine says:

      thank you Monika! Nina not only has the best name and the best mom, but she also has my endless admiration for being one of the few children to have so much love for B-sprouts.