Bad to the Scone

Unless you’re way overdue for a trip to the ophthalmologist’s like I am, you can see these aren’t scones. They were supposed to be (made vegan), but I overdid it with changes.

Even though the results are super tasty in their own right with that crunchy sugar top, this turned out more like a cake than originally planned. There are already many good vegan chocolate cake recipes out there and therefore no need for me to add one more. Especially not one that could use some major fixing as far as crumbliness goes.

I still appreciate occasional kitchen failures because their only goal in life after all is to annoy the crap out of us keep us bakers and cooks humble. And we all know there’s nothing quite as delectable as a big slice of humble pie, even more so when it’s served à la mode. With a big juicy cherry on top. And now I want to make pie.