Ice cream, right at your gingertips…


Random and absolutely useless-to-you fact about me: I’m usually not one to go for ice creams that are so obnoxiously self-confident, they think add-ins are for every other frozen treat but themselves.

So it’s throwing me for a loop that I like this one so much, I’m trying to make it sound acceptable to eat a few bowls of it for lunch – an ice cream so simple and so good, it doesn’t need anything but its own cold-hearted self to make you go all brain freeze-happy.
Who’s obnoxiously self-confident now?

If you’re afraid of the amount of ginger used here, start with a little less than a tablespoon and work your way up, as the intensity depends on the freshness of the ginger powder.
Dip your finger in the mixture (woe is you) in order to judge if you should add more.

Finally, if you can only find vanilla vegan yogurt, it’ll be great too. Just lower the sugar to 1/4 cup.


Ginger Ice Cream:

1 1/4 cups (300 g) plain unsweetened vegan yogurt
3/4 cup (180 g) vegan, non-hydrogenated cream cheese
1/3 cup (67 g) evaporated cane juice (granulated sugar)
1 tablespoon (5 g) ginger powder

Remember to have frozen the tub part of your ice cream machine for at least 24 hours prior to making ice cream.
Place the yogurt, cream cheese, sugar and ginger in a food processor. Blend until smooth, stopping to scrape the sides occasionally.
Following the manufacturer’s instructions, prepare the ice cream until it is firm.
You might have to place it in the freezer for a couple of hours or more to get the firmness you like best.
The ice cream will be reluctant to be scooped out straight out of the freezer after more than a few hours, so leave it at room temperature for about 15 minutes or nuke it for a few seconds in the microwave, and it will be the creamiest thing ever.

Yield: About 6 regular scoops

  • Kelly says:

    I love the sound of this; spicy and simple. Yum. I imagine if you wanted to take the gingerness over the top it would be fantastic sandwiched between two gingersnaps. Mmmm…

  • Susan says:

    This one’s a keeper! Bring on summer.

  • Julie Marie says:

    yes! you always amaze me. the second photo with the ice cream scoops is just perfect, the lighting is great, they look melty and just so ready to eat, great job

  • Victoria says:

    ooooh I love how simple this recipe is! and I LOVE ginger! I totally agree with you about the add ins. Usually I only like ice cream if it mostly consists of cookies or fudge or caramel. I bet it would be amazing with some crumbled gingersnaps or swirls of vegan caramel.

  • Elise says:

    I must admit I’m not the biggest ice cream person ever, I find it to cloying normally. But I bet a flavour like ginger would cut through it with it’s spiciness. Hmmm. Now I just have to buy an icecream maker without my boyfriend noticing…he thinks I have too many kitchen appliances as it is!