Some Good Things


I feel weird writing about food stuff when there’s so much going on. The aftermath of Sandy. The elections, now thankfully over by the time I finally get around to posting this.
And, and, and.
Regardless, here are a few just-because pictures and words.

Picture #1: C is for? Crafty things, maybe. I’m more obsessed with threads, fabrics & old objects lately than I am with food. Thus the quietness around here. I still eat (duh), but I’m mostly making old favorites and other people’s recipes. All that while trying to ignore a wisdom tooth that’s trying to drive me completely gaga.

Pictures #2 & #3: Whole wheat rum raisin muffins and chocolate pound cake. I’ve played around with these recipes a little more since taking the pictures, upping the cocoa in the pound cake, packing some extra flavor in the muffins, and now I’m really happy with both. Especially since the pound cake has the texture and taste of a vegan-unfriendly cake I used to eat.
I’m waiting for a 25-pound bag of whole wheat pastry flour to magically appear on my doorstep come Monday evening, so that I can take updated pictures, and eventually post the recipes.

Picture #4: Cupcakes. I hadn’t eaten any for a couple of years. And now I’m back: these ones are perfection, even to the walnut-hater of the house.

Since it’s been a while, I should mention that the blog tour is alive and kicking. You can keep track of the posts on the always up-to-date (thanks to Tami, no thanks to me) sandwich book facebook page.

I hope you’re all safe and well!