Fork It


A photo dump on the last day of November, already. And sorry about all the forks. I might have gone overboard with those.

I’m usually really careful not to purchase props that won’t get a lot of mileage in later photos because wouldn’t you know it, money still doesn’t grow on trees. Neither does storage room, for that matter. But when I saw the marmalade crock on etsy, I just had to. Let’s pretend it was a Christmas present to myself(ish). Or that the cats got it for me. Aren’t they just so good to me? Indeed.

Also, that Chicago Mix Popcorn (made vegan by Natalie Slater) was pretty awesome. I fancy myself as a bit of a popcorn (and French fries) connoisseur because those two things used to represent about 90% of my diet when I was younger. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Hope this coming weekend treats you right!