Cutting loose


It’s cookbook testing time again: Tami and I have started working on recipes for a new book that will come out next year. I’m developing most of the sweet stuff for it, with a few savory dishes here and there, while Tami’s doing just the opposite. It’s been lots of fun so far since sweets and baking at large have always been my most favorite cuppa, as the blog name would indicate. I’ll bore you to tears talking about it in coming months. Not really, I’ll keep myself in check.

Since I just finished taking pictures for another cookbook (loved every dish and baked good I made from it, definitely a must-have), I’m all food pics-ed out at the moment. Which explains why most of the just-because pictures taken lately don’t have food in them.


Loose leaf tea galore. The one at the very top is chocolate (with cacao nibs), the one just up here is vanilla, and the one below is citrus. We’re gonna have ourselves a loose leaf tea tasting party this week with Chaz. Pastries included. Little finger in the air mandatory.

A few more random pictures before I go throw a ball for Buffy to kick at: that cat would have made a mighty fine football (eh, soccer) player. Bend it like Buffham? It’s a good thing, because both of us are in need of extra exercise from what the vet told us last week during the cats’ annual check-up. Well she didn’t say I needed the extra exercise, but I do. Either that or less pastries. Ha. Ha…

I bought some steel cut oats last week for fun whole grain bread-baking purposes; I find the design of the can perfect. The can of McCann definitely can. (I’m so sorry.)

Have you eaten piñata apples already? They’re new to me. I found organic ones at Trader Joe’s, and I love them even more than Honeycrisp apples. Gasp! They’re so crisp and juicy, and I haven’t run into mealy ones yet. Can’t say the same for the other kinds I’ve eaten in recent months, so frequently that it made me quit apples for a while. As evidenced below.

Probably the kind of cheap prop (and actual kitchen tool) I use and love the most: the honey dipper that has never even seen honey, but is rather well-acquainted with brown rice syrup instead.

I’ll finally be posting a cookie recipe in the next few days. Better late than never, anyone still reading could have easily assumed this wasn’t even a food blog anymore.
Have a great Sunday and beginning of week, until then!

  • Erin says:

    This is such a beautiful post, your photography has a moodiness that reminds me of Anna Williams. Keeping that in mind, did you blend the teas yourself, or are they possibly Bellocq?