Very Veluscious

Hi. Been a while. How is it going? Not bad on my end, because cookies.

Katie (from the Los Angeles-based Deluscious bakery) got in touch with me to see if I’d be interested in trying their new line of vegan cookies, punnily called Veluscious.

Considering I’m like a less cute but thankfully also less furry clone of this here individual (in both his cookie-loving ways and lack of social skills), I wasn’t going to decline.

Let me start by saying veganism gets equated with health and/or weight-loss a lot these days, with people looking to suppress or lower fat, sugar and all the fun things in food (oops, did I say that?) from their diet.
Of course I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that if it’s the road you want or need to take. It’s your road, and you should do with it as you please.
What I mean to say is: there’s still a big bunch of us vegans who aren’t in it for health reasons, and who like to enjoy a bit of every(vegan)thing in moderation. Occasionally not really in moderation too.

That’s why I’m thrilled to see a company like Deluscious create a line of vegan cookies without automatically making them low-fat/low-sugar/etc. Because sometimes, you want your vegan cookie to be just that: a cookie that’s too cool to overthink itself.

Here are the flavors Chaz and I got to try:

• Vegan Chocolate Chip, studded with two different kinds of vegan chocolate and from what the Deluscious description says, “lots of love.” I’m happy to report that “lots of love” doesn’t taste chalky the way evil does. (Hey, I hadn’t done the Buffy reference thing for a long time.)
It’s a big cookie. A big, big cookie. A five-inches-in-diameter-to-be-accurate big cookie. As a matter of fact, they’re all really big cookies more likely to be shared with a good friend or saved for later, but the Chocolate Chip is the largest of them all.

• Vegan Chocolate Decadence, described as being “made with two different kinds of vegan semi-sweet chocolate, pure cocoa powder, rolled in vegan powdered sugar and baked to a brownie/truffle-like texture.”
Unfortunately, this one suffered a bit during its travels.
Two things that didn’t bear the brunt of the ruthless heat were the flavor and texture of the cookie: this is one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. Very well-balanced on the sweetness front, intensely chocolatey, and overall perfect. They’re not kidding when they speak of a truffle-like texture!

• Vegan Oatmeal Raisin, packed with California Thompson raisins, oats and a special blend of spices. Chaz found that the cinnamon flavor overwhelms the cookie just a smidge, and I tend to agree. But regardless: it’s a seriously good cookie.

• Last but not least, Vegan Cinnamon Brûlée, a chewy snickerdoodle tastealike cookie topped with caramelized organic vegan sugar and cinnamon. I really enjoyed the slight crunch of the brûléd sugar, and the subtle amount of cinnamon. Again, well dosed on the sugar front: not cloyingly sweet like other non-homemade cookies I’ve had before.

Out of all the cookies that were sent to me, Cinnamon Brûlée and Chocolate Decadence are the ones we both loved and recommend the most.

Here’s a gratuitous shot of unsweetened coconut almond milk, because there’s the famous rule that says you can’t have cookies and go without milk. Otherwise you will never get to eat cookies again. Ever.
I’ll be back soon with more posts, reviews, and less hibernation. Stay safe!