Chia on the flip side

A friendly lady called Meredith got in touch recently to see if I’d be interested in trying a few Health Warrior chia bars. I’m still relatively new to the world of chia seeds but also eager to become BFF with the stuff, so I said you betcha, please and thank you.

The Health Warrior chia bars are described as being full of fiber, protein, and Omega-3’s, as well as free of gluten and soy. And obviously, vegan. I was skeptical that those tiny little things (each bar weighs 25 g) would manage to make a dent in my snack-time hunger. And yet…they do make you feel full fairly fast.
Nevertheless, when the site states that the bars are “nutrition, satisfaction and energy that lasts all day”, it seems their “all day” is more like my “three hours tops” but clearly your mileage may vary.

You know how some people view Clif bars and Luna bars as glorified candy? (I think they’re swell, although I’ve had my fair share of phases when I can’t stand to look at another Clif bar. I always get over it eventually and go back to Clif-ing as if my life depended on it. Which I suppose it kind of does.)
These chia bars are less sweet than Clif bars and Luna bars. They’re closer to Larabars in the sense that you probably won’t get tricked into thinking you’re munching on a candy bar, and I actually appreciate that. There’s a time for eating candy-like stuff that tastes good, and a time for eating not candy-like stuff that yes, definitely tastes good too.

I saw someone suggest in another review that you’d better keep floss handy after eating one of these because of the seeds, so I came prepared but didn’t find it to be outrageously more necessary than with other sticky dried fruit things you’d eat. Considering you should keep your friends close and your flossing tools closer no matter what anyway.

The flavors are as follows: Acai Berry, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut, and Coffee.
I wasn’t too keen on Chocolate Peanut Butter and Coffee, but really loved all the fruit and coconut flavors: they just seem to be a better fit in natural bars like these. The best one of all? Apple Cinnamon with its chewy and spicy ways, definitely the most treat-like bar of the bunch.

So would I purchase these bars? The main pro: they’re made with quality natural ingredients. The main con: they’re a bit costly* for the size, due to the ingredients in question. But I would be happy to occasionally splurge on any of the fruit flavors.

If you want to learn more about Health Warrior, hop on over to Facebook.

*You can get a $19.98 monthly subscription for a box of 15 bars on their site, although I’m not entirely clear on if this includes shipping. That’s 15% less than the regular, non-subscription cost. They’re also available on Amazon at varying prices, some flavors being part of the Subscribe & Save program as well with which shipping would be included. Oops. I think my true cheapskate colors are showing.