Wolf in cheeseclothing

I have a soft spot for beautifully dyed cheesecloth. Just as colorful as candy, loads of fiber to boot. Hardy har? Look at that texture!

Since I’m good at going for random: Chaz and I have to take a quickie trip to San Francisco in a few weeks and we’re already plotting where to eat. I’m thinking Ike’s Place because you can’t beat a good vegan sandwich.
We’ll barely have four hours of fun there, that doesn’t leave room for much anyway. To be honest, food really isn’t my number one priority this time. I just want to walk by the ocean. Exclamation point. Who am I and what have they done with the other Celine?

Keeping this post on the short side because I have a painful leg to deal with, and oddly enough the only thing that offers relief is to ride my bike. I suppose that means those two wheels have finally and officially become my third leg? Or something like that. Whoosh I go.