Tis the Season for Tofurkying

(I’m still getting caught up on a handful of product reviews I was planning on posting here and there so they wouldn’t appear in quick succession, but after being sidelined for several weeks due to health hiccups, it looks like my plan will have to change. Sorry about that, guys.)

Tofurky, one of the top makers of vegan meats, allowed me to try a few meals from their line of frozen items. I don’t think any product sent for review was ever eaten so fast before. You’d think there were a pack of wolves in this house, which explains why there are no pictures of the pockets.

While all the meals can be prepared in the microwave, note that I baked everything in the oven instead. It takes longer but the results are unsurprisingly even better, if you can spare the time.

Sausage & Veggie Quiche: Possibly the best quiche I’ve ever had, vegan or not. The crust is perfectly tender and flaky, the filling just right with chunky pieces of vegan sausage and delicious veggies. Out of the three products I received, I loved this one the most and hope for it to eventually be stocked at stores that aren’t necessarily of the health food variety. I’m ready to bet they would appeal to non-vegans too. I know for sure that Chaz and I would have been sold on these when we lived on (not vegan at the time) frozen convenience meals.

Chick’N Pot Pie: I’m not a big fan of pot pies (issssssues…), so this review is all on the pot pie connoisseur of the house. He said it would be close to impossible to tell the difference between this particular vegan pot pie and any other non-vegan pot pie, except maybe for the extremely slight difference in texture of the Chick’N if you’re the nitpickiest nitpicker who ever nitpicked.

Pockets: These are pretty sizable and filling. I actually tried them both microwaved and baked since we had several, but didn’t notice too major a difference in the outcome of each method.
Turk’y Broccoli Cheddar Pockets – a little too peppery to the point where it covers the flavors of the other ingredients, but overall pleasing regardless.
Pepperoni Pizza Pockets – filled with a respectable amount of tasty vegan cheese and tomato sauce, my favorite of the three flavors received. Every time I think back on these, I wish I had more!
BBQ Chick’N Pockets – perfect tanginess for the BBQ sauce that coats the Chick’N cubes, which isn’t always the case with non-homemade BBQ sauces. Chaz would have eaten endless amounts of these. I quite liked them as well.

You know how ready-made frozen meals are loaded with salt and often taste like it? While I can’t say in good conscience that the sodium content of the pockets (610mg), quiche (690mg) and pot pie (600mg) is low, at least it doesn’t feel like it. As opposed to the way I remember similar non-vegan items used to make me feel after eating them: there just wasn’t enough water to quench my thirst. No such problem here.

All the crusts are either made with whole wheat flour (for the pockets), or a combination of whole grain stone ground soft wheat flour and enriched white flour (for the pot pie and quiche). I much prefer whole grain-based everything, so thumbs-up for that move.

Convenience meals are obviously ideal to have around when you’re feeling ravenous and rushed, a combo which happens to all of us hopefully not on a daily basis, but at least occasionally. That’s why getting to have delicious vegan options such as these is a major win for anyone who happily eats cruelty-free.

I should also mention that the Tofurky Roast & Gravy has been a holiday staple in this house from the moment I went vegan (we buy it at Trader Joe’s), and part of what convinced Chaz to go vegetarian. Just like Tofutti, Tofurky holds a very special place in this vegan’s heart.