Easy as Vegan π

A review copy of Hannah Kaminsky‘s Easy As Vegan Pie arrived a couple of weeks ago and I immediately dove in to get my good pie mojo going.

I couldn’t not choose the Snickerdoodle pie recipe, here’s why. But if you don’t want to click, here’s the TL;DC* version: snickerdoodles are Chaz’s go-to cookie, and I think there cannot be anything wrong with something that involves sugar and cinnamon.
(*Too Lazy; Didn’t Click. Hey, I’m not judging. I’m a proud TL;DCer myself.)
I like mini pies the most so I turned the recipe into 9 individual muffin tin pies.

There isn’t a single layer of this magical mini pie I didn’t love: from the flaky crust, to the cookie dough filling, and finally the crunchy, cinnamony turbinado sugar topping. I don’t have all-purpose flour handy, so in case you prefer whole wheat pastry flour too, you won’t be surprised to hear that the results are A-OK with it.

We had one (or possibly two) of these before our quickie trip to San Francisco, and they were perfect to make the super early waking hour quite a bit less painful.

The book is filled with pretty pictures (one for every single recipe), and of course the most innovative and mouthwatering creations Hannah is renowned for. Of particular note to me: Kiwi Coconut pie, filled with one awesome-looking coconut custard that I know I’ll be making very soon. Beautiful Speculoos cookies and spread. Vegan honey-flavored syrup. Cannoli pie, with a cashew mascarpone filling. Membrillo pie, made with my favorite too-hard-to-find fruit: quince.

Fear not, savory pie lovers: with options like Fried Green Tomato pies, Reuben pie, Spaghetti Squash and (Lentil) Meatball pie, Taco pie, the most delicate and fancy-looking Tea Tart, and one intriguing Wasabi Pea pie, you’ll be taken care of too.

Did you know fall is here? Surprise: fall is here. And the holidays are looming just around the corner, too.
So now is a better time than ever to get into, or get back into, pie-making mode. I don’t think it’s a fallacy to say that those who aren’t even so interested in pies might even turn into devoted pie makers once they get their paws on a copy of Hannah’s latest. Or at the very least hire their more baking-friendly pals to prepare weekly (daily?) pies for them. Whatever works and results in lots of great pies being devoured.

All that pie talk made me have to go watch Pushing Daisies from scratch again…