Put a cork in it

I was on the hunt for mini glass jars with cork tops for some photo project, and these turned out to be even prettier than I imagined, so I spent too much time taking pictures of them when I could have done something constructive instead.

No idea what I will use them for now, but it’s not like I can’t make room for something this tiny (1 1/2″ tall x 3/4″ diameter) until I finally figure out what to do with them. Maybe somewhere to stash catnip so that the cats can’t get to it? Although knowing the cats…it’ll take far more than that to keep them from getting what they want.

Those pics were taken right before I realized the camera had a big dust spot on its sensor, so you get a virtual cookie if you can spot the dust that I couldn’t be arsed editing out until I made it to the photo shop. The other photo shop.

PS: Entirely unrelated, but I’m currently enjoying the very last galley Chaz will ever bring home from work (RIP, Russo’s Bookstore) and it’s fantastic. Look here.