Let your fingers do the walking

Vegan Finger Foods will be out very, very shortly! Tami and I received our advance copies a few weeks ago. I’m quite pleased with the outcome, and impatient for you to see it soon too; it looks beautiful with its glossy pages and cool design. Not to mention, over one hundred to-die-for recipes…like the Hot Pepper Toastwiches up there.

In order to share the excitement, here’s a gift for you: The first 100 people (within the US and Canada only, so sorry) who email us at veganfingerfoods@gmail.com with proof of purchase will receive a spiffy signed bookplate that they can use inside their copy, or anywhere they please.
The books can be pre-ordered at whichever store you love the most as long as a receipt is provided with the message sent to the email address above.

But that’s not all: Tami worked her magic so that every 25th order (up to #250) will receive one awesome tote bag.

Good luck to everyone!

PS: Sorry for the long absence. I came back mere hours ago from a surprise visit to the motherland, and I’ll have a bunch of other stuff to share once the jetlag decides to take a hike. Hope you’ve all been well.