And now, a sneak peek at Joni Newman & Gerrie Adams’ Going Vegan

With Tropical Fruit Cobblers, Sweet & Smoky Tempeh Strips, Loaded Oatmeal, Gerrie’s Veggie Burger (my jaw is fine, thank you very much), Make-a-Salad-a-Meal (a plan to get the most out of your plateful of salad), Breakfast Tacos, (random B-sprouts shot!), and Pineapple Mango Coconut Chia Seed Puddings representing but a few of the many recipes you’ll find in the book, you know you just have to pre-order yourself a copy of Going Vegan ASAP.

Favorite recipe that I tested? Don’t make me pick one. Okay, I’ll pick two. One of Gerrie’s, and one of Joni’s. I’m going to go with the burger for Gerrie: who knew that something completely fat-free could be loaded with so much flavor and awesomeness? Not to mention, height.
Now for Joni: her Nutty Fruitcake Pancakes. Anytime someone encourages me to make peace with my culinary archnemesis (i.e., pancakes), they get my eternal gratefulness. Although to be fair, Joni kind of already had that anyway for pulling me out of my hermit ways to go meet the animals at the Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres last summer…

And if you’re looking for the secret to pretty-looking avocados in your shots: use them when they’re underripe. They won’t get mushy when you slice them, or be completely brown by the time you’re ready for their close-up. That’s also how I realized they’re far tastier that way anyway, being all nutty and firm.