Vegan Protein on its merry way, plus a giveaway.

It’s been so long that I can barely remember how this whole blogging thing works. Let’s do this right, starting with a giveaway!

The latest book I wrote with Tami Noyes, The Great Vegan Protein Book, will be released in January. Its purpose is to showcase how us vegans get our protein (spoiler alert: it really isn’t hard), how much of it we really need, which sources are complete, etc.
We didn’t want to keep you guessing, so every (delicious) recipe indicates the protein content for each serving.

It was a fun one to co-pen, and I look forward to hearing and reading your thoughts on it! I don’t believe there is access to a preview just yet on any of the online stores listed below, so here’s but a few things you’ll find in it: protein-rich whole grain bread rolls and crackers, mujaddara, spicy chickpea fries, tempeh köfte, pudla, shorba, crispy amaranth patties, and the best damn seitan I’ve ever had.
(ETA: There is actually a preview available on amazon now, albeit a bit low-res. Oh and here’s a great preview recipe!)
What follows might very well verge on slightly TMI: if you too aren’t usually gluten-intolerant yet have a tendency to feel ill after eating seitan even in small amounts, not only has the one Tami created the best texture and flavor ever, but it is also a dream digestion-wise. Keep your eyes peeled for revolutionary Quit-the-Cluck Seitan (took me several tries to type this right: Quick-the-Click?), and Kind-to-Cows seitan. Tons of mouthwatering recipes make great use of these two, too.

You might have pre-ordered a copy of the book already because you’re awesome, and we (the publisher, Tami, and me) want to thank you for that! Everyone who pre-ordered/pre-orders The Great Vegan Protein Book can leave a comment below in order to win a copy of either Whole Grain Vegan Baking or Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day.
Two winners will be randomly selected on this blog once the book is released, and will get to pick which of the two titles they would like the most. What’s more, Tami is holding the same giveaway on her site, so you get one more chance to win! (That makes four winners in all, with our combined sites.)
Unfortunately, we’re told this one is restricted to shipping in the US and Canada. Don’t forget that if you live elsewhere in the world, you can always participate and if you win, have the copy of the book you’ll pick shipped to a friend or family member who lives in the US or Canada!

Haven’t preordered Vegan Protein just yet? There’s still time! Go to amazon, IndieBound, or B&N, and let me know you did by leaving a comment below.

Good luck!