The Great Vegan Protein Book and other vegan e-books for 99 cents on May 12!

Has your e-reader been begging for new vegan content? Then I have good e-book news for you!

On Tuesday May 12 and for 24 hours only, a bunch of vegan books will go on sale in e-book format for 99 cents* in the Amazon Kindle store during the one-day Buck Books Vegan Event**. ← The page will be sparkling with all event-related info and the up-to-date list of participating vegan books on the day of the event, Tuesday May 12.

The Great Vegan Protein Book is happy to be a part of this event, along with OATrageous Oatmeals, No Meat Athlete, Vegan Pressure Cooking, and more.

You can sign up here** to get a reminder on the day of the Buck Books Vegan Event, and to be informed of future Buck Books events.

I’ll also post a reminder right here in the wee hours of Tuesday (that’s all the cups of coffee I’ll be drinking, up there), because this is an event you really don’t want to miss. Your e-reader would never forgive you. And you should never antagonize your e-reader, I learned that the hard way.

Oh and speaking of which, you don’t need to own a Kindle device to access the books: the free Kindle app can be used on most tablets/smartphones/computers.

See you on the 12th!

*Note that larger file sizes in the book list might cost $1-2 more.
**Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link. Not my own, but the event organizer’s (Joey). You might know I don’t use affiliate links for myself on this blog, but I find it only fair that the organizer of this event be compensated for the hours he spent working on making cool vegan books available at such a cheap price.