Quick randomness, why not.

1. A berry smoothie; 2. Herbal orange tea; 3. Citrus galore; 4. Raw kale sprouts.

I found the kale sprouts at Trader Joe’s, I’d never seen those before. If they’re new to you too, they’re described here as a “hybrid cross of Russian red kale and Brussels sprouts.” They’re so quick to prepare and quite delicious. Not to mention, mini cabbage head? Very cute. Thankfully, their formerly rather high price is starting to go down a bit. More kale sprouts in the near future.

I haven’t done any baking in the longest time, too busy having fun with savory, spicy (sumac! ras el hanout! harissa! berbere!) and vegetable-rich meals these days. I’ll post some recipes soon.

Have a great, hopefully sunny week! Chaz is having more days off in a row than in forever, so we’re enjoying doing nothing together for a change.