Follow Your Heart’s new cheese: A review

Back when I still ate cheese-cheese, Emmenthal (what’s known as Swiss cheese here in the States) used to be my go-to. Of course it was great with large chunks of crusty bread (what isn’t great with crusty bread?), but it was also good enough to be eaten on its own. It was the texture, the creaminess, the flavor, the overall awesomeness.

I hadn’t even missed this type of cheese in all the years I’ve been vegan because I never found the perfect equivalent, and let’s face it: there’s so much other good stuff to be had anyway, why waste time missing a specific kind of food?
But now, yet another non-vegan food has met its vegan match: Follow Your Heart has released a selection of vegan blocks, slices and snacks that includes Provolone, Garden Herb, American, and Mozzarella flavors.
They sent a few samples for feedback, and “Wow, these guys are GOOD!” is the first thing that came to mind when I tried them. Not sure whether I was talking about the cheese or the Follow Your Heart folks, but probably all of the above.

“Delicious straight out of the package” is a big selling point for FYH’s new cheeses, and by gum, it is no fabrication. Texture, creaminess, flavor, overall awesomeness? Check, check, check, and check. In your face, Emmenthal. (But does Emmenthal have a face?)
Hopefully, it’s clear by now that when I review products, I won’t say I love something if it isn’t truly the case, and let me tell you there is absolutely nothing I would change about this vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free cheese.
Every single flavor I tasted is brilliant, but if I had to pick just one, it might have to be Garden Herb. It reminds me of the herb-y No-Moo cheese from another plant-based pioneer, Vegusto. (I ate all the stash my parents store in their fridge when I visited them last year. They haven’t invited me since. Kidding!)

Laura, my contact at the FYH headquarters, says that the cheeses are available in Whole Foods Market nationwide. (Cue me lamenting this town’s Whole Foodslessness.) She also mentions that “WFM has an exclusive on the Provolone and American Slices, but many stores have decided to pick up additional skus.” (There’s hope for me yet.)
The suggested retail price for the slices and blocks is $4.99, and $0.99 for the snacks.

If the cost of shipping cold items is an option for you, note that Vegan Essentials carries the Provolone and American slices. Clearly I’m not the only one who’s completely smitten, as both flavors are currently out of stock.

(Funny anecdote about the heart-shaped cheeses, which are Garden Herb on the left, Provolone on the right: I only decided to use a cookie cutter to give them some visual interest because blocks of cheeses can look a little boring. It’s cheese, it doesn’t care if it looks boring as long as it tastes good. Anyway, Chaz needed to point out it’s actually quite appropriate because, Follow Your Heart. Oh. Oh! Don’t go thinking I’m ever clever on purpose, now.)